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Lysander’s Meat Rub

Change your meat from ordinary to SUPER EXTRAORDINARY with our chef quality line of rubs! Simply rub on and bake, broil, fry or grill for premium results. Our choice blend of herbs and spices never mask the natural flavors of you meat, they only enhance it! All Natural – No MSG – No Artificial IngredientsContinue reading “Lysander’s Meat Rub”


Quicksilver Scientific

All of our products are created on-site at Quicksilver Scientific in our Lafayette, Colorado, facility. In addition to our own products, we also develop products for some of the top brands in the nutraceutical industry. You’ll find our trademark Quicksilver Delivery Systems® signature on these products, which is our guarantee that they feature the sameContinue reading “Quicksilver Scientific”

Apex Energetics Glutathione Recycler SM (K81)

Glutathione Recycler™ is a first-of-its-kind formula designed to support the synthesis and recycling of glutathione, which is a key factor in cellular and mitochondrial antioxidant processes.* It strategically combines complementary ingredients, such as selenium, N-acetyl L-cysteine, and standardized extracts of cordyceps and gotu kola, that have cohesive actions geared toward optimizing intracellular glutathione.* Features Delivers highContinue reading “Apex Energetics Glutathione Recycler SM (K81)”

Apex Energetics – Proglyco-Synergy (K80)

Proglyco-Synergy™ combines three formulas that each can support sugar metabolism.* Adaptocrine™ (K02), Proglyco-SP™ (K13), and Fibromin™ (K25) are combined into one easy-to-use package for the client. Each serving is packaged individually with the combination of these three formulas. These formulas include a unique mix of vitamins, targeted minerals, and other important nutrients to support metabolic processes.*Continue reading “Apex Energetics – Proglyco-Synergy (K80)”

Apex Energetics – Glysen-Synergy (K79)

Glysen-Synergy™ combines four complementary formulas that each support sugar metabolism and help maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range.* Glysen™ (K01), Adaptocrine™ (K02), Fibromin™(K25), and Protoglysen™ (K28) are combined into one easy-to-use package for the client. Each serving is packaged individually with the combination of these four formulas. This combination includes a selectContinue reading “Apex Energetics – Glysen-Synergy (K79)”

Apex Energetics – Ultra D 5000 Vitamin D with cofactors (K78)

Ultra-D 5000™ offers (5000 IU) 125 mcg of a highly absorbable and natural source of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) with its key cofactors in a base of cod liver oil. The formula was designed to support the metabolism of vitamin D and to deliver a powerful mix of nutrients including magnesium, biotin, pantethine, calcium, and boron.*  InContinue reading “Apex Energetics – Ultra D 5000 Vitamin D with cofactors (K78)”

Apex Energetics – NeuroFlam-NT (K77)

NeuroFlam™-NT is intended to support the brain-immune system with phenols and flavonoids.* This formula also incorporates ingredients that may be involved in antioxidant processes.* Key ingredients include curcuminoids, baicalin, and apigenin.* This formula is designed as an immune-neutral product.* It does not include the resveratrol or catechins that are incorporated in NeuroFlam™ (K46). Practitioner Consultation required.Continue reading “Apex Energetics – NeuroFlam-NT (K77)”

Apex Energetics – Turmero Active (K75)

Turmero™ Active is an emulsified micronized formulation that delivers a concentrated source of curcuminoids (standardized to 95%) combined with black pepper extract in a pleasant-tasting liquid. Micronization reduces particle size to promote absorption, and black pepper extract is known to significantly enhance curcumin bioavailability.* This unique formulation elevates curcumin supplementation for optimal patient outcomes and dependable results.*Continue reading “Apex Energetics – Turmero Active (K75)”

Apex Energetics – Hepato-Synergy (K69)

Hepato-Synergy™ integrates four complementary formulas that are each designed to help support hepatic detoxication.* Metacrin-DX™ (K10), BileMin™ (K11), Methyl-SP™ (K14), and Glutathione Recycler™ (K57) are put together into one easy-to-use package for the client. Each serving is packaged individually with the combination of these four formulas. Along with the ClearVite™ Program, Hepato-Synergy™ is intended toContinue reading “Apex Energetics – Hepato-Synergy (K69)”

Pure Encapsulations, Copper (glycinate)

Copper activates a number of enzymes important to energy metabolism. It is the key mineral in lysyl oxidase, an enzyme which weaves together collagen and elastin. Copper assists in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells by facilitating iron absorption. It is involved in protein metabolism, the production of RNA, and the synthesis ofContinue reading “Pure Encapsulations, Copper (glycinate)”